Student Visas

Student Visas

Student visas allow international students to come and study in Australia at various levels of education. Regular schooling, vocational and tertiary education is available at registered education providers, some are renown for high-quality education.

Students are usually expected to have enrolled with an education provider and in many instances have a minimum English requirement. The documentary evidence required is influenced by country of origin, intended course of study and the education provider’s ranking with the department.

All student are subject to the Genuine Temporary Entry requirement and must show that the primary intention is to come to Australia to gain new or upgraded skills that will assist them back home in gaining employment or progressing in their respective careers.

Many students will have to show that they have the financial capacity by themselves, through family members or third party. They must take up health cover for the duration of study in Australia for them and accompanying family members where relevant.

If you would like assistance with a student visa to Australia, please contact us and one of our specialists in the field will be in touch with you the soonest.