Skills Assessment

For many visas in the Skilled categories a skills assessment is a primary criteria for the grant of the visa. Department officers sometimes exercise a discretion to request a formal skills assessment when such requirement is not a criteria for the visa. For example the 482 TSS visa skill assessment is only mandatory for some occupation from some countries, however officers could ask for skills assessment for any occupation nominated under that class of visa.

Whether skills assessment is mandatory or discretionary the department specifies peak industry bodies as the assessor for each relevant occupation. Each bodies sets its own separate and self-regulated criteria and the department is bound to accept the outcome of such bodies as complete and final and consequentially assesses whether such criteria has been met by a visa applicant.

While all the information required is published by such authorities and publicly available the guidance of an experienced professional throughout the process is some times as important as it is the guidance of an applicant through the visa process itself.

At CK Migration we have extensive experience in skills assessment for a variety of occupations. We often assist in the step as part of the overall visa application process but we are able to provide such service separately. For information on how we can assist you please contact us and expert in the field will get in touch with you the soonest.