Temporary Employer Sponsored Visas

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Temporary Employer Sponsored Visas

CK Migration excels in facilitating the application process for both Temporary and Permanent Visas under the Employer Sponsored category. These visa types offer invaluable opportunities for skilled professionals to work in Australia, whether for short-term assignments or with a long-term perspective.

Temporary Visas under the Employer Sponsored category are perfect for professionals who have received a job offer from an Australian employer but are not looking for permanent residency right away. This option is ideal for those seeking to experience working in Australia on a short-term basis.

Eligibility and Application Process:

To be eligible, applicants must have a valid job offer from an Australian employer who will sponsor their visa. The employer must prove that the skill set required for the job cannot be sourced locally. The visa application involves:

  • Nomination by Employer: The Australian employer must nominate the applicant for a specific position.
  • Visa Application: Following the nomination, the applicant submits their visa application, demonstrating they meet the skill requirements for the nominated position.
  • Documentation: Providing comprehensive and accurate documentation is crucial, including qualifications and work experience relevant to the job offer.

Why Choose CK Migration?

We specialise in facilitating the Temporary Visas application process under the Employer Sponsored category. Our team of experts ensures that both the employer’s nomination and the applicant’s visa application are comprehensive, compliant, and aligned with the current immigration policies. We guide you through every step, making your journey to working in Australia straightforward and successful.

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