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The Employer Sponsored Visa under Australia’s Skilled Visa program is designed for skilled professionals who are nominated by an Australian employer. This visa category provides a pathway for workers to contribute their skills to the Australian workforce, fostering both personal career growth and the development of the Australian economy. It’s an ideal option for those who have secured employment in Australia and require sponsorship from their Australian employer to obtain a visa.

Applicants for the Employer Sponsored Visa must meet specific criteria, including possessing skills and qualifications that match the nominated position. The employer must demonstrate the need for a skilled worker and that the role cannot be filled locally. This visa not only allows the holder to work in Australia but also offers potential pathways to permanent residency.

At CK Migration, we offer comprehensive assistance in navigating the Employer Sponsored Visa process. Our expertise ensures that both the employer and the employee meet all the necessary requirements, providing a seamless and successful application experience.

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Temporary Employer Sponsored Visas

CK Migration excels in facilitating the application process for both Temporary and Permanent Visas under the Employer Sponsored category.

Permanent Employer Sponsored Visas

Permanent Visas in the Employer Sponsored category are designed for skilled workers seeking long-term employment and residency in Australia.
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