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CK Migration offers comprehensive support for Australia’s Family Visa program, a pathway designed for Australian citizens and permanent residents to reunite with their loved ones. This program encompasses a range of visas, each catering to different family situations and needs, and is focused on keeping families together in Australia.

  • Partner Visas: This category allows spouses or de facto partners of Australian residents to join their partners in Australia, fostering family unity.
  • Fiancé Visas: Specifically designed for engaged couples, this visa facilitates the entry of the fiancé into Australia for the purpose of marriage.
  • Parent Visas: A vital option for parents, this visa enables them to live in Australia with their children who are either Australian citizens or permanent residents.
  • Child Visas: This category caters to dependent children, including orphaned relatives or adopted children, allowing them to reside with their parents in Australia.
  • Other Family Visas: Addressing a broader range of family needs, this category includes visas for aged dependent relatives or individuals who need to care for Australian residents.

For those looking to bring their family members to Australia, CK Migration is your trusted partner. We are committed to guiding you through the complexities of the Family Visa program, ensuring a seamless experience as you work towards reuniting with your loved ones. Contact CK Migration for dedicated support in bringing your family together in Australia, where we prioritise your family’s needs and aspirations.

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With CK Migration

Partner Visas

CK Migration offers specialised assistance in navigating the Partner Visa category of Australia’s Family Visa program.

Fiancé Visas

CK Migration offers specialised services in facilitating the Fiancé Visa application process, designed for individuals engaged to an Australian citizen or permanent resident.

Parent Visas

CK Migration provides in-depth assistance for the Parent Visa category within Australia’s Family Visa program, aimed at helping parents of Australian citizens or permanent residents to join their children in Australia.

Child Visas

CK Migration offers dedicated support in the Child Visa category of Australia’s Family Visa program. This category is designed to help children, including dependent children, orphaned relatives, and adopted children, to live with their parents who are Australian citizens or permanent residents.

Other Family Visas

CK Migration is adept in handling the Other Family Visas category of Australia’s Family Visa program. This segment is designed for Australian citizens or permanent residents who wish to bring extended family members to Australia under specific circumstances.
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