Skills Assessment for Temporary Visas

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Skills Assessment for Temporary Visas

Skills Assessment for Temporary Visas is a critical element of the Australian visa application process, particularly for those seeking temporary work visas.

Process and Requirements:

Applicants must:

  • Identification of the Assessing Authority: The first step in the Skills Assessment process involves identifying the relevant assessing authority for your nominated occupation. Different occupations are assessed by distinct authorities, each with its own set of criteria.
  • Preparation of Documentation: To undergo Skills Assessment, applicants must compile a comprehensive set of documents as evidence of their qualifications and work experience. This documentation serves as the foundation for the assessment process.
  • Submission and Evaluation: Once the documentation is prepared, it is submitted to the assessing authority for evaluation. This assessment determines whether the applicant’s qualifications and experience align with the standards and requirements set for their occupation.

Skills Assessment is a crucial step in enhancing the strength of your visa application for temporary visas. CK Migration is here to provide expert assistance, ensuring that your skills and qualifications are presented effectively and align with Australian standards. Our guidance can be instrumental in navigating this vital process within the Australian visa system.

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