Employer Sponsored

There are several types of visa that allow a person to work in Australia for periods ranging from three (3) months to four (4) years. All of them require some form of sponsorship by an Australian employer.

The most popular are the Temporary work (skilled) known as the (457 visa). Its purpose is allowing an employer to fill in positions that otherwise could not source skills for from the Australia labour market. Holders of such may be sponsored/nominated by their employees for permanent residency after working for that employer for two years or more in a scheme appropriately known as the Employer Nomination Scheme – Temporary Residency (ENS -TRT) Stream

Employer Nomination Scheme – Direct Entry (ENS -DE) stream is available for direct permanent residency where employers nominating overseas employees for permanent residency without having to have worked for them previously.  The requirement for this stream is different than (ENS -TRT) and require higher English competency level and skills assessment as the two critical criteria for this stream.

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