From 15 November 2020, the Australian citizenship test will change. The updated test includes revised citizenship test questions and new test questions on Australian values.

To prepare for the citizenship test a new resource booklet Australian Citizenship Our Common Bond which was published and is available for download in English – click here to download your copy. While the booklet is expected to be translated to some 40 languages, the actual test is taken in English only.

All the questions in the citizenship test are based on the information contained in the testable section of the booklet, which includes:

Part 1—Australia and its people.
Part 2—Australia’s democratic beliefs, rights and liberties.
Part 3—Government and the law in Australia.
Part 4 – Australian Values.

The booklet contains a glossary and 20 practice questions. But you can also practice online – click here.

If you are sitting the test after 15 November 2020. The test will still only consist of 20 questions, and you will still require a mark of at least 75 to pass but there will be a mandatory five questions that you need to pass focusing on Australian values.

If you need assistance with your application for Australian citizenship. Please contact us, and one of our experienced consultants will be in contact with you the soonest.

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