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The Appeal and Review process is a crucial aspect of the Australian immigration system, offering a recourse for individuals who wish to challenge a visa decision. This process is complex and requires a comprehensive understanding of immigration law and policy. CK Migration provides expert guidance to navigate this critical pathway, whether you’re facing a visa refusal or cancellation.

Understanding the Two Main Avenues for Appeal and Review:

Merits Review: This is the process of reassessing the original decision made by the Department of Home Affairs. A tribunal re-evaluates the case, taking into account the merits and specific circumstances. It provides an opportunity for the applicant to present additional evidence or arguments that were not considered in the initial decision.

Judicial Review: This is a more intricate legal process that involves the examination of the lawfulness and fairness of the decision-making process itself, rather than the merits of the original case. It assesses whether the decision was made in accordance with the law and fair administrative practices.

The Appeal and Review process is an essential component of Australian immigration law, offering a chance to contest decisions that may significantly impact your life. With our assistance, you can navigate this process with a deeper understanding and a strategic approach, increasing your chances of a successful resolution to your immigration matter.

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Merits Review

Merits Review stands as a critical component in the Appeal and Review process of Australian immigration.

Judicial Review

Judicial Review is a critical legal mechanism in Australian immigration, focusing on examining the lawfulness of how a visa decision was made.
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